Memorial Day Smoke

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrbass58, May 30, 2016.

  1. Just started smoking a Meatloaf and whole Chicken for the first time ever. MES at 250 already smelling good around here.

  2. Once you begin smelling everything in the smoker...

    That's just the beginning stage of the "smoker's patience" test... [​IMG]

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  3. Have a question. Did I screw up my chicken by Brining it in a stainless pot instead of plastic or glass?????? 
  4. Nope. I use stainless steel bowls to brine.

    Copper or aluminum on the other hand... are a no go for brining...
  5. Thanks
  6. Be ready...'re going to ruin yourself for baked meatloaf ever again. [​IMG]
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    Good luck with your smoke, I'm sure you'll do great ! Thumbs Up
  8. Dinner turned out great. Used 1lb ground beef and 1 1/2lb ground pork for meatloaf. Next time I will use more ground beef. Wasn't sure

    if I was getting enough smoke from my MES but it came out perfect. 
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    Great looking meal!

    Nice job on your first try!


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