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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cameron13, May 25, 2013.

  1. I just started my Memorial Day Smoke! I am doing a bacon wrapped 4# center cut pork loin. I rubbed it 24 hours ago with a honey BBQ rub infused with garlic olive oil, wrapped in bacon, and just put in the smoker! What to do now? Hmmmmm... How bout an adult beverage!


  2. Let the fun begin!!!
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    looks good so far [​IMG]
  4. Just finished serving the loin! I forgot to mention, before i threw it in, i injected with Cajun Injections "honey bacon BBQ". Took about 5 hours at 225F with a mix of apple and pecan chips. Pulled at 147 IT and double wrapped with tin foil and a towel and threw it in a cooler to rest. Let rest for 40 minutes and served! It was amazing! So tender we were cutting it with plastic butter knives! (we are camping after all! forgot the good utensils!) Thanks for everyone's help!
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    [​IMG]  Sounds great and looks even better! Nice job!

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