Memorial Day Smoke! (w/ Q-View)

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  1. I decided to throw a get together for Memorial Day. To my friends this means I am smoking for them. So to not disappoint them, I decided to go big.

    The menu plans to be as such:


    Burnt Ends

    Pulled Pork


    Baked Beans

    Additional items such asslaw and potato salad


    Invited people over at 4pm Sunday, which means I needed to start Saturday (yesterday). So here was the scene about 1pm Saturday.

    11.53 lb Brisket and 17.73 lbs of pork shoulder.


    Brisket trimmed and ready for the rub


    Think coating of yellow mustard and worcestershire sauce, then a liberal dose of Jeff's rub.


    Wrapped and ready for the chill chest.


    More to come...
  2. Did the same thing to a pork butt...


    Well, they do come in two packs after all...


    It was raining most of the night, so with the help of a tarp, a few bungees cords and tie downs, I made up a awning to protect the smoker. Put the brisket on about 8:30pm, an hour before the Butts. Next time I will start them at the same time. Using the Minion Method, got the WSM going at about 225*. Kept an eye on it til I was out of the danger zone, added some more charcoal, and turned in about 1am. Up at 4:45am, everything looking good, temperature holding.

    7:00am - Smoker temperature dropping. Everything burned through. I've had it last much longer on me. All the meat seems to be in their stall at the same time. Lift off the top 2 sections of the WSM and set them in the brick. It seems to be holding the temp well. Clean out the ring and fire it up minion style again. Once it's going, put the top pieces on. Lost a few degrees but still well out of the danger zone. Everything climbs back up to where it should be. Time to start working on the sides.

    At 165* separated the flat and the point, foiled each, and back on the smoker til 195* for the flat, and 205* for the point. Then wrap them in foil and into the cooler to rest. Pork is looking good


    Here's the flat...


    Waited until the butt's hit 195* and then foiled them and into the cooler next to the brisket.

    Cut the point up for Brunt Ends, made some of Dutch's Beans, some of Jeff's sauce, and some ABTs, and tossed them all on the smoker. They should all be done about the same time, then it's time to pull the pork, slice the brisket, and eat!
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    Looks Fabulous!!

    Great pics too!!

     Got the recipe for the asslaw???  hehehe

      Have a great day!!

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    It looks great  well done

    thanks for the Qview

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