Memorial Day Smoke Session

Discussion in 'Pork' started by crownified, May 30, 2016.

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    Today is one of the holidays to remember by brothers and sisters that served and be thankful for those that gave everything to support our way of life.  It is also one of the few days times I take the day off work.  Today I thought I would make productive use of my time and smoked 2 racks of baby backs and some chicken wings.  I forgot to take pictures of the before and during but this is 1 rack after.  They came out perfectly done and tasted awesome.  I used Jeff's rub for both.  Did a straight 5 hour smoke (no texas crutch) at 245 on the ribs and 1 hour 15 mins on the chicken wings.  After smoking threw the wings on the grill to toughen up the skin.

    I am new to smoking and this was my 3rd smoke ever and I have to say thanks to everyone who posts on here giving advise on how to cook different types and cuts of meat. Just searching through the forums and Jeffs instructions from the web page you can gain a good base for smoking and make adjustments for your taste as needed.  

    My friend took some other pics I will add once he sends them to me.  

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    Looks good from my seat

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    Very nice!!!


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