Memorial Day Pork Shoulder and sliced to a panini

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  1. Did a 8 lbs pork shoulder on Monday for Memorial day with some other things....

    Sunday afternoon.

    Rubbed down and then wrapped. Placed in fridge overnight.

    On to the smoker on Memorial Day. (Those are a couple ribs in the top of the pic I did for a personal snack while the wife was working). I don't really have a preference or a strong opinion on cap side up or down. But for this approach I did 3 hours with cap side on top, then flipped it around 120 degrees and left it cap down to get a nice char on that fat.

    Around 6 hours in and 170 degrees. This was after I flipped the fat cap side down.  I also positioned a pan underneath my rack in the bottom of the chamber to collect the drippings. I dropped the shoulder down into the pan and covered with foil to get up above that 200 degree mark. Took about another hour or so. 

    Once my wife came home I broke into the pan and pulled the shoulder bone right out. Then broke off about 2lbs and pulled it for dinner. I then left the rest of the shoulder wrapped and cooled down. Put in fridge over night then yesterday took it to the slicer.

    And then made a delicious panini:

    -Smoked Tomato and Onion mixed with some mayo and hot sauce for some sauce.

    -Vinegar slaw


    -Sharp Cheddar

    -Sliced Prok

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    That looks delicious!  Nicely done!

  3. kathrynn

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    Yummmmmmm!  Nice looking sandwich!


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