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Discussion in 'Beef' started by luv2putt, May 26, 2013.

  1. So I happened to wander into a Smart and Final this evening to find packer's on sale for $ 2.30 a pound ... If any of you live in Nor Cal you know how ridiculously cheap that is for this area...trouble is they are big ! Mine is a little over 15 lbs... I'm guessing a cook time of about 15-18 hours easily ... Please correct me if I'm wrong ... Here is the first pic with the first coating of rub ... I'm planing on starting my cook round midnite...

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    For guesstimation I ballpark 1 1/2 hours per pound. But.... you have to consider the ambient, the smoker, the heat, type of smoke, rub, etc etc..... I am about to put on a 14# brisket, box is hot, trying new A-Maz-N 3x5, in a MES30. Going to get it to 230, stick in the meat, light the smoke generator, give it 30 mins. check it, and 30 mins again recheck ( I should have been a safety engineer belt and galluses). If it looks happy happy and the smoke is percolating real pretty, I am going to forget it till in the morning and then stick it the with a thermeter just so I have an idea if it enjoys itself tonight. Then I'll know how to proceed.

    Best way to do brisket is to get it the way you like it, then see if a toothpick encounters resistance. If it is smooth in and out, bag it and tag it and let it set at least 1 hour but 2 is better.

    Smoke at 230, IT to 180 to 190, bag and tag to rest in the ice chest ( the one without the beer), and enjoy it a couple of hours later when the wife gets all her stuffies done. Me, its just brisket, bread, onions, and cold beer.... I don't wanta to be a pig.....LOL

    Don't forget to take a second today and remember those who sacrificed so we could enjoy it.

    Oh, thats a nice lookin brisket ya got there.
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  3. I'm in the ballpark with you as was figurin 1hr 15 per pound roughly ... Go an smoke at about 230-250 ... Waiting or my WSM to settle into that temp and then it's off to bed for a few hours ... This is my first brisket and I'm excited was something that was sorely lacking from my repertoire....
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    OK, at 10 hours now, brisket is at 185 IT, A-Maz-N didn't make the trip, but my fault. My little torch bottle was empty and instead of hooking up the oxygen/acetylene cutting torch I tried to lite it with the weed burner....LOL When checking before bed, it smoked fine for those two hours I am just a dumb lazy coon-ass.

    A little bite still with the toothpick but not much. gonna give it another 30 mins. then bag and tag I think.

    I think then I will deserve a shower before lunch! I think I have a smoke ring working.
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    Depends at what temp you are smoking the brisket.

    If you are a low and slow guy then figure about 2 hours per pound - so 30 + hours.

    You can crank up the heat to 250 - 275 and get a shorter smoke but it's still going to be over 15 hours.

    Good luck,

  6. So we are at 9 1-2 hrs in and it's coming along nicely and cooking quicker than I planned ...I'm going to let it ago about another hour and then I'm gonna pull it off ...let cool down to about 170 and then to the ice chest till opening pitch of the Giants and A's.....

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    That is looking good!!

    Can't wait to see it sliced up!!!

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    Nice Bark. Eat well and don't worry 'bout leftovers, you can always do more . . .[​IMG]
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    Looks great!

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    Looks pics of the slices!

  11. Quick pre slice pic before baseball junkies arrive .... Tastes damn good for only a select cut .....

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    Be careful, I think I had some type of chemical reaction going on with mine. I have been drowsy or sleepy ever since I ate. It was so bad, I had to succumb and just take a nap and forgo cutting the grass till tomorrow. It was heartbreaking!  I tried drinking lots of fluids to help dilute the feeling but truth be told I think it just intensified my reaction.

    Hope no one else experiences these effects.
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    Nicely done! It looks great!
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    Very nicely done!

    Looks great.

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    Looks awesome !

    Foamheart .... Could be something in the air , I've been that way all day .
  17. Foamheart..I agree , same issues here... Drowsiness succumbed to a nap ....must have been the brisket !!!!!!
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    Brisket looks good, bet it was tasty
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    Looking Good

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