Memorial Day Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by miller51, May 26, 2014.

  1. First, I want to thank everyone that posts to this forum. It has help tremendously over the past few years, and I find myself referring here on most every smoke even if it’s to just get the taste buds going! I figured it was about time I started contributing… most of the time I think to take pictures, but never actually remember when it’s time to start.

    I decided to try out my new Vision Kamado ceramic grill/smoker. I have had pretty good success with my vertical smoker, but it’s a propane burner that requires a fair amount of tending to for long smokes. I have been wanting to get a charcoal/wood burner for a while now…so here goes.

    Decided on a small brisket flat for the inaugural voyage.  Got the smoker temp between 250* & 275*, tossed in some hickory for the smoke and let the grill do its thing. 15 minutes later, nice amount of smoke and the brisket is ready to go on.

    About 4 ½ hrs in and the temp was right at 170. I was going to foil at 160, but the temp kept climbing, and the smoke was still really rolling and I figured, why waste it. Decided to foil it at 170 to pack in some moisture and make sure it didn’t stall. I needed to get it done in for a family picnic and didn’t want to go with an under cooked brisket.

    2 hours in the foil with a little brown sugar, little more of the injection, and one more dusting of the rub. (I’ll be do better on the specifics next time around, this post is getting long enough…lol)

    7hrs in the pit, 2hrs rest, it came out almost perfect, should have gone with a bigger brisket, not even enough left for a sandwich the next day…


  2. Nice brisket smoke man!  [​IMG]   Since it ran out so quick you have the perfect excuse to smoke another one!  [​IMG]  
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    Thanks for the great pics! That brisket looks DE-licious!!  [​IMG]    [​IMG]

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