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    I'm not sure whether to put this here or in the fatties section, so if I'm wrong please move it.

    On to business, last year at work we hired in a new guy. We were kinda picking at him and he mixed up his words and said "grill some meat loaf". I've been picking at him about it ever since, partly because he is a good sport and plays along, but mostly because I was intrigued by the idea of it.

    Obviously I would rather smoke it than grill it, so I set to developing a scheme I believe will work and have decided this weekend seems like the time to try.

    First delima was the pan. How can you get smoke infiltration through a solid pan? You can't just lump it on the grates either and expect that signature shape. An expanded metal pan, but the holes are enormous and that could cause issues. Finally I settled on stainless steel screen wire. I had the tinners at work whip me up a V1.0 pan this morning during a lull with the promise of tasty meat treats in return.

    Now if this works out, I'm going to have a few more made so I can fill my offset smokers vast wasteland of grate. This weekend, chicken and possibly smoked beans will help cover the area to make temperatures easier to maintain.

    Next the recipe. This didn't take long to come up with. We are going to season it with out steak rub and put a splash of apple flavored bbq sauce on top as it finishes up.

    Should be interesting if nothing else! Hoping it works out and I will put up a Q-view assuming it is edible.
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    That is a cool looking meatloaf pan.  I use throw away pans and poke holes in them.
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    I think you are on to something there, Terry!  Keep us posted...

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    Nice concept. I'm wondering about the ground meat trying  to stick to the screen. Let us know!!
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    I wanna see q-views of this in action!  Looks cool!

  6. terryd

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    I considered that, so the sides of the pan fold down a little. I'm going to use stainless tie-wire to hold it together, then slip the "pins" out of the corners, run a knife along the side to free it and it should slip out in theory. As I said, it is V1.0. LOL
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    Took a little over two hours to get it smoked.  Temperatures were all over the place, not sure what is going on with it.  I'm going to have to work on that.  May just be the fact that it's the first smoke of the year.  Anyways, the meatloaf turned out really good.  I'm going to have to try a bit of it tomorrow after the smokey flavor gets off my tongue. 

    Not as much smoke ring as I expected it to have.  We used our rib rub to season the meat with about three table spoons of apple flavored BBQ sauce.  We put some sauce on top of it as well before smoking.  It turned out really good.  I used apple wood and a 50/50 mixture of apple juice and water in my pan. 

    We also smoked some fish and chicken to go with it.  Fish got a salt/pepper rub down and the chicken was started dry and then mopped with a apple juice and apple flavored BBQ sauce mixture.  The chicken dried out a little, but was still good.  The fish was pretty good too. 

    We had some smoked beans and corn along with left over garlic parmesan mashed potatoes from a few nights ago. 

    The pan worked great.  I seasoned it in the oven this morning before use and the meat actually cooked away from it on the sides as it went.  The bottom stuck a little, but I think this was due to pushing it through a little when we put it in the pan. 
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