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    Let ius know what the recipe was,I've smoked Tomato and it turned out well.

    I feel a simple recipe is better.(less is more).

    I will watch this, Im courious.(as usual)[​IMG]

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    I'm thinking that smoked meatloaf is one of my wifes favorites for I have to smoe a couple before I can go out of town. Now I have found the best way to do it is make the regular meatloaf and put it on a piece of cardboard and that allows the greases to flow out and down into the water pan. This makes the loaf not sit in it's own juices. You get a much better loaf that way. you can see the cardboard under it here. yo will really like it believe me.
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    It is hard to tell from your picture if you got beautiful browning or if has a lot of tomato product in it.  When we make ours, we limit the amount of tomato product.

    Then again, maybe you just don't like smoked meat loaf?  LOL

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Just made one two nights ago. No tomato product at all. Onions, jalapenos, egg and breadcrumbs. Hit it with some garlic powder, chipotle powder, s&p and wrapped in bacon.  Set in a shallow cake pan with a small foil riser to keep it out of the grease. Tuned out great.
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    I gotta say it sure looks good Cal!
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    that the way I do it , just form it in a pan , then take it out of the pan and put it right on the grate.

    Wife just ask me this morning to make another meatloaf

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    I've done lots of meatloafs and I've never had a problem with tomato flavors.  I use a whole 8oz can of paste in mine.  Maybe you need a little more ingredients in this case to balance out the flavors.  I've found adding some spicy mustard and cayenne chili powder tends to cut down on the sweetness of tomato products.  I can see where grease would be a problem.  I like mine in little loaf shapes so I use a foil loaf pan and because it has no where to go I have to use a leaner beef however, I balance it out with some pork sausage.  The ratio I use for a standard loaf pan is 1.25 lbs. ground beef and 0.33 lbs. ground pork sausage but that's just me.  Don't give up on the smoked meatloaf; once you work out the kinks of your recipe it will surely be a favorite in your home.  I know it took me like 10 times before I was happy with it.
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    I do something kinda similar to Mark except I use foil. I like to use a small square of foil under the meatloaf for the first two hours. I punch some small holes around the meatloaf so the grease can run out. After two hours I roll the meatloaf off of the foil and directly onto the grates. I like to use my homemade BBQ sauce to coat and will start applying it every 30 minutes for the last two hours of the smoke.
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