Meatloaf with venison, pork and bear

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sadfjnb, Sep 3, 2009.

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    I know this is the beef section and Im not using beef but I thought Id get the most "meatloaf attention" here... Im thinking about smoking my first loaf this weekend, I was thinking about using a pound of ground Berkshire pork, a pound of ground venison and for a kicker a pound of ground bear... Ive NEVER used bear for anything before... does anyone have any experience with it? would it would well in a meatloaf? I know the venison is very lean thus why Im using the pork, but what can I expect with the bear?

  2. Just make sure it's cooked to well/160 there is no govt inspection in the wild. Like all wild game the taste will differ from where it was taken and what it was eating. Acorns, corn, bee honey, peoples garbage or carrion. Can't hurt to try. Let us know how it comes out.
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    Processing plants are government inspected though. I eat rare venison steaks and have never been ill. The grinding process would be where you get the bacteria (just like ground beef). Most wild game is probably cleaner (living condition wise) than most commercially raised cattle.

    I have eaten a couple bear burgers. I really liked them...a lot better than straight ground venison. Higher fat content and (IMHO) a lighter gamey taste, but heartier meat/earth taste. I dont know if that makes sense, but i liked it. I would think you will be fine with that combo. The only way i can eat straight ground venison is to doctor the heck out of it with onion and garlic and the like before grilling burgers. I also mix in pork fat.

    Good luck. Post a follow up with the results and what you think. As a wild game fan im very curious!
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    Thanks... Im thinking about skipping out on the bear, the greasiness scares me, plus it was give to me from friend of a friend... I dont want to screw up the loaf... so Ill prolly stay with 1 pound of pork, one pound of venison, and maybe a pound of beef... I might have to take a stab at some ABT's as well... Ive never tried them either but Ill will take some pics and post them as it goes...
  5. hdsmoke

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    Hmm...i didnt remember the bear i had being overly greasy. But could have just forgotten about it. But mine was the same deal, my friends dad shot it. i would try it...dont just pitch it!

    i dont think you can screw up ABT's. I havent done any in the smoker yet, but cooked them on my grill quite frequently.

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