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Discussion in 'Beef' started by lovethemeats, Jun 9, 2016.

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    So I was thinking what to cook for Friday. Haven't had meatloaf in a while. So I went and got my supplies from the store. But thinking. What would be a good cheese to add into it? I have sweet onion, red-orange bell pepper, and bacon for it but I want a cheese that won't melt down and come out while smoking it. Anyone ever try it with feta or blue cheese?
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    Oh. For the meat it will be ground round, ground pork and ground lamb. I use veal at times but the ground lamb ands to the flavor more. I've used it before. It's different. The beef is kind of lean so the pork and lamb should help out along with the bread crumbs.
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    I did the meatloaf Friday in my MES30 using the AMNPS.
    Sweet onion, bell pepper red and orange. The meats are 5lbs of ground round, 1.4lbs ground pork and 1lb lamb.
    5 eggs and about cup and half of bread crumbs.
    The spices
    Sautéed the onion/peppers using some of the bacon fat.
    Cooked bacon.
    I forgot to get a pic of when it was laid out. I used a sheet pan which filled it from end to end.
    It was big. Did it in the style of a fatty.
    In the MES.
    In smoker set to 230 for the first 2hrs. After that I put it up to 275 for the next 2.3 hours. I should have started early in the morning. Center only up to 147 at this point and getting late for dinner.
    Put in oven set to 400 and finished it off which did not take long. Glazed with my favorite BBQ sauce.
    Done with hickory pellets only. The smokiness was good and was in the crust nicely.

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