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  1. I have read a lot of you guys are concerned about inserting a meat thermometer in meat early because of bacteria. Let me know if you think this is a workaround. I have a dual probe maverick. I put both probes in the smoker while it is preheating. When it gets up to temp (250 degrees) I open the doors insert the beef then put the one probe into the thickest part of the meat. The other probe is for oven temp.
    1. The bacteria on the probe is DEAD.
    2. The heat of the probe seals the meat tissue and no juice leaks out.

    What do you think
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    I don't think the concern is about bacteria on the probe. The concern is bacteria that may be on the surface of the meat that gets pushed into the interior of the meat by inserting the probe before the outer 1/2" passes 140°.

    Of course this could happen when you inject as well which is why it is recommended that IF you inject OR insert the probe before the outer 1/2" reaches 140° then you smoke it hot enough to reach 140° internal within 4 hours.

    Remember the 4 hours counts ALL time that the meat spent in between 40° and 140°, including prep time. If you let it sit on the counter to come to room temp and the meat is above 40° for an hour, then you only have 3 hours to get it to 140° internal temp.

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    if the bacteria is in contact with the 250 deg probe then the bacteria will be killed.

    meat cannot be sealed by a probe that is 250 deg. also meat cannot be sealed by searing or any other means of high heat.......meat is porous.

    i still would not woring about probing meat (large cuts) for 3 hrs or so.
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    No one in my family has ever died from my Que.
    Wash your meat !!!! [​IMG]
    Never had a problem here............Maybe I'm just lucky ![​IMG]

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