meat that will test your skills as a smoker

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  1. ive been smoking for several months good at shoulders and ribs, but i need to see what i can really it true that a brisket will really test your knowledge and patience or is it just as easy as a shoulder? or is there any cut of meat that i havent tried that will test my skills...

    thanks guys and happy smoking
  2. billbo

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    A brisket will test you. But if you do some research over in the beef forum you will find a few sticky's on the subject. I would recommend this as a guide.

    As long as you go by temp and not time you will be fine. Allow for extra time with a brisket!
  3. sumosmoke

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    Definitely try searing vs. non-searing to get a good idea of how both of them taste. [​IMG]
  4. mballi3011

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    I would say a brisket will test you just because of the length of time it takes and you usually have that Dreaded Stall to deal with too. Alot of smokers know it's coming and try to make it not happen and them there are the ones who just let it ride and go with the flow. The outcome is really worth the time and afford you put into it and then theres the thrill of sharing your food with others that make it all worth while. so Go For It
  5. mike91mr

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    If you've never done a brisket, go for that. With all the info on this site, I'm sure your first will come out really good, but if you've ever had really great brisket, you'll know there is room to improve.
  6. earache_my_eye

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    Any cut of meat is only as tough to smoke as you make it. As you've already found out, patience is the key to good smokes....and it's true for a brisket, also. If you're really lucky, you may just happen to snag a brisket that gives you little or no stall...there were several threads from this summer about briskets finishing in as little as 7 hours. Definitely not the norm for briskets, but, just shows that you never know what you're getting into until it's in the smoker...[​IMG]

    If you find that you like briskets...try smoking a large-ish chuck roast...they make excelent pulled beef!!

  7. pandemonium

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    i have done 2 of them and didnt think they were hard to do? both tasted good to me, maybe because i used the pre cured kind
  8. herkysprings

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    Still cant get it done right. Lox yes, but hot smoking fish always comes out too dry for my taste. Other people seem to like it tho...

    Whenever I over-smoke salmon I just mix it with creame cheese and make a spread, so no matter what everyone wins! :D

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