Meat sticking to Porcelain Cooking Grates

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by dysartsmoker, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I bought a new stainless grill at wally world. It has two infered burners one on the back of the grill and one they call a searing burner. I spray pam on before I grill but the meat stills sticks any Idea why and what else can I use.
  2. bcfishman

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    Use vegetable oil. Pour a small amount into a shallow container and use an old wash cloth or even a paper towel. Dip it into there and then rub the oil onto the grill. This should work.

    That's what we did when I used to cook at Texas Roadhouse years ago.

    Pam/cooking spray usually burns up during the cooking process. Even the "grilling" one they make.

    Let me know if this works.
  3. What kind of grill brush can I use I think a wire brush would scratch the finish.
  4. justsmoke2

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    Try letting your grates heat up first. Mine I have to or my meat sticks. Plus I oil them also after they are warmed to.
  5. daboys

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    I let mine heat up too, then spray. I just use a regular grill brush on it.
  6. supervman

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    A good STIFF nylon brush works well. I get some at hardware stores that look like "fingernail brushes" and they are great but the grate MUST be cooled down first or the stuff melts! They're cheap too.
  7. bbq bubba

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    Ditto! [​IMG]
  8. smokin out the neighbors

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    Ditto on the oil, sprays burn off too fast. Wipe oil on the grates and be sure they are hot before you put the meat on. A common error is to not have the grates at cooking temp first. Stuff will stick to anything (porcelain, cast, or stainless) on a high temp grill if it's not hot first.
  9. camocook

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    Hot grill /cold meat .Dont try to turn your stuff too soon . It will lift.Oil the grill first.
  10. kookie

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    I use the Weber grilling spray. Its flame resistant and it seems to work great.......Use a scrub pad or stainless steel brush .....................
  11. justsmoke2

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    Also when I didn't allow my grill to warm up I had troubles holding temps also. Meat didn't cook as well. So warming up greats works to fold.
  12. davenh

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    I make sure the grill is hot, but usually rub some evoo directly on any meat I'm cooking first, both sides. Keeps it from sticking. A good spray of PAM directly on the food works well too, especially on hotdog and hamburger rolls. Breads don't stick much at all after a quick spray of butter flavored PAM.

    Easier than trying to lube up the whole grill [​IMG].
  13. Thanks for the input everyone I think my question has been answered.

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