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  1. aschmiesing

    aschmiesing Fire Starter

    Looking at purchasing a meat slicer to slice and freeze my smoked ham, bacon, and cheeses that I do. Don't want to spend hundreds, what's the best bang for my buck out there right now. $150 max
  2. pops6927

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    i bought a little slicer from Walmart, it's under $100 - 

    that was last year, think it's $92 now.  I was a meat cutter for 40 years and used hundreds of slicers, $5,000 and higher priced.  For the money, this little slicer works fine!  So pleased with its performance.  Sounds like a jet engine winding up, lol, and it can bog down, just don't push it too hard

  3. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    How is the clean-up on this thing?  I have one that I darn near have to break down to 8 parts and clean each one.

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