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  1. Hey Ya'll

    Quick question.  When you are about to do a bbq and whatever meats you are going to provide for said bbq do you all use your standard big box store grocer or do you try to go to a ma and pop butcher shop? 

    If you do go to ma and pop what are some general questions and outlines or suggestions you can give when going to these businesses?

    So much for the "short question" became two sorry!
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Jdock, hello. Not such a bad question , just a few suggestions .

    First I like to shop and use the Big Box for large quantities to get the discount on Cases. When I do 1 or so (or see a sale and grab some ). I also have a good Meat Market to go to , bigger than a Mom and Pop and they have a piece price and add more as they trim and do special work. The Market has a volume of meat which helps him hold down prices.

    You could , if you want a M&P shop , get some from them and return some of the finished product for them to try, a couple of times and you get to be known and the extras will start lowering [​IMG]  Bribes are a good tool [​IMG].

    Have fun and . . .
  3. old school,

    Thanks for the info, i said ma and pop only because where i'm located, meat markets are hard to come by.  Thanks again!

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