Meat safety - I think I just shorted a 10LB shoulder

Discussion in 'Pork' started by phlogustus, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. phlogustus

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    I started with the smoker at 250 and let it smoke  for 6 hours Saturday.  I had a brisket section in as well and have already eaten that.  I went to shave the pork tonight and found transparent pink congealed stuff in the center.

     This is my first big pork  roast and if I have to let it go and do better next time so be it. I just wanted to know if this stuff inside is a clear sign of undercooked pork and if so can I save it? I put it in the fridge after I pulled it out of the smoker.

  2. dukeburger

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    I wouldn't do anything with it until you figure out what that is. Looks like something's wrong with that butt.
  3. 6 hours at 250 isn't near enough time for pulled pork. You might have got it done in that time, but that meat doesn't look done. What was the internal temp?
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  4. phlogustus

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    I didn't check the . I went off the time thinking that was long enough.
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    Always go by Internal Temp. Time is a guideline only. Two identical weight Butts, same time in, same temp, one will reach 205 in 10 hours and the other takes 16 hours. We don't really know why? What you have is a Medium Pork Butt, the red meat juices jelled in the center. As long as you did not Inject the Butt, you can finish cooking it until it is fall apart tender, an IT around 205°F. To get Medium done any surface bacteria is long dead...JJ
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