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  1. Hi,

    I live near Jackson, MI and they have a couple of nice meat markets.  One is A&A II which is a larger meat market with reasonable prices and good quality meat.  I picked up a pork butt for $2.09 a pound yesterday.  It is a busy place and they go through a lot of meat, but they always have great cuts for smoking.

    The original owner of A&A started another market called Prime Cuts.  This is a higher end market with higher grade meats.  I picked up some free range chickens from there.  The prices are higher and I have yet to try any of their beef or pork.
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    Hello RS,  Thanks for joining the Mich group.  Have you tried the beef barn on cooper rd?  I know the manager Jeff.  He's a good guy to know.  I live in Lansing so I don't shop in Jackson ( never tried A&A)  but Jeff delivers to Holt for me.  Get to know the manager at A&A and Prime cuts  IMHO that's one of the most important things you can do.

  3. I had forgotten about Beef Barn. I have tried it before and was quite pleased with it. Thanks for the reminder and I will stop in again.
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    Have  you tried West Texas Barbeque Co.  I here it's a good spot with top notch food.  I have been meaning to go but it's hard with there hours.

  5. Yes, I really like West Texas BBQ. It is by far some of the best BBQ that I have had in the state of Michigan. I really like there hot links.

    The hours are not the most convenient so I only really get the chance to eat there when I have the day off.

    Smokehouse 52 in Chelsea has some decent bbq. In particular there chicken and pulled pork are good.

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