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  1. Thinking of doing a meat loaf in the next couple days. We like Paula Deans Basic recipe, so that's what I'm going to try. After searching through several threads, all I can find is for an internal temp of 165. If I make a 1 pound loaf, about how long should it take at 225 degrees or so? How would it be if I used some apple wood chunks in the fire box with this?

    Also thinking of tossing some new potatoes on the smoker also. From what I've been reading, just a rub down with olive oil and kosher salt for an hour or so??
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    On my smoker a 2lb meatloaf @ 255 takes about 2 hours.
    Every smoker is different though.
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    I'm guessing about 1 1/2 hours, and the same for the potato's.

    EVOO  & Kosher salt is good.

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    Smoked meatloaf is awesome! I'd say your looking at just over an hour with a 1# loaf. You can speed it up by cooking at a higher temp. Meatloaf doesn't really Need to be smoked slow and low.
  5. Thanks, gives mea good guide line!!
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    It really depends on thickness and temp. I do meatloaf in a loaf pan in the oven @350 for about an hour and fifteen minutes. This was the same weight and basic recipe in about an hour @225.

    The difference? Three inch loaf vs inch and a half roll. But as stated above, smoked meatloaf is the bomb diggety!
  7. Smoked meatloaf is the one thing my family loves. I cook using the remote thermo. When it gets to 160, I remove it

    and let it sit for a while. The one thing that I do that nobody else does.....I think....I buy large yellow or Vidalia onions,

    slice them into 1/2 inch rounds and put them on the rack with the meatloaf on top of them.

    The onions hold the meatloaf on the rack, it doesn't sag through the rack wires, and they get all the drippings from the

    meat. Sometimes the onions are better than the meatloaf.

    Will be doing three of them this weekend for the middle daughters birthday. She will be 40!!!! She asked for the smoked



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