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    Thinking of getting a grinder - read some comments here, but wonder what the # designation mean, i.e. #8, #32, #5 etc?  Wife has a kitchen aid so probably will get their attachement, how does it compare the the #designations.  Won't use it alot (no deer to process) so not wanting to spend alot.
  2. The #5 Grinder Plate measures 2-1/16” Diameter.
    The #8 Grinder Plate measures 2-7/16” Diameter
    The #10/12 Grinder Plate measures 2-3/4” Diameter.
    The #22 Grinder Plate measures 3-1/4” Diameter
    The #32 Grinder Plate measures 3-7/8” Diameter

    KitchenAid grinder the plates ( 1-15/16") are proprietary to the KA, and therefore standard plates don't work with a KA.

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    The KA grinder works well for small batches.... I use mine for 5# batches... The stuffer attachment for the KA is marginal at best... I would recommend a vertical stuffer... I use a 5# stuffer and have stuffed 10# of sausage in 5# increments with no problem... that allows me to keep the meat cold in 5# batches and change recipes in 5# batches too....  If you are making small batches that is a good combo... When you get into doing 25-50# batches you might need some different equipment but that is an option down the road....    My 2 cents.. Dave
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    Another thing is the larger the number the larger the neck which in turn means the larger the piece of meat that will fit into it. I have a # 32 and can fit in good size pieces of meat which means I spend less time having to cut up the meat into smaller chunks. The larger number the more lbs per hour it grinds generally. If doing small batches mine is almost a pain in the butt it takes longer to clean it then to grind the meat. Generally the larger the number the bigger and heavier the grinder as well and mine is heavy if you have to move it
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