Meat Grinder: Kitchener (Northern Tool) vs Cabelas or LEM

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by xfitjay, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. xfitjay

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    I've read a bunch of the comments about meat grinders on this forum. The Kitchener #12 1/2hp is on sale for $99. Can someone convince me that I should spend the money to get a LEM or a Cabelas? Other than complaints about the noise the review of the Kitchener seem pretty good. Right now I don't see myself doing huge batches. I probably won't be doing any deer and will mostly be using it to do pork shoulder for sausage - probably in 10-20lb batches.

  2. diesel

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    You got my attention.. very interested to see the responses.
  3. nepas

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    Only thing to watch for is the gears. I worked for Cabelas, the processing area was mine. The HD & Pro Series have plastic gears. Nothing wrong with them if you dont force the meat thru the grinder throught.

    I opted for the Cabelas 1hp as i grind allot. The LEM has metal gears also.

    With smaller batches i think your purchase is a good $99 well spent
  4. We use the cabelas 1Hp grinder to make sausage, and it is almost effortless. We had a cheaper one a while back and it was a workout to process meat.
  5. fpnmf

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    I agree with Rick...if you arent gonna use it much it should last.

    I make a good bit of sausage..

    I started out with the KA route..

    Got the Cabelas 1/2 hp commercial grade. 

    It grinds meat faster than I can put it in....and does a great job..
  6. solaryellow

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    The Kitchener grinder is a great jumping off point. I have had mine for 3 years now and have run close to 5 tons of meat through it without any problems. Mine is branded Northern Tool, but it is the exact same unit.
  7. xfitjay

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  8. roller

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    I have the same one and got it on sale from NT.. It works for me !!!
  9. daveomak

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    If you are limited to funds for your processing needs, if you get the Kitchener, you can get a vertical stuffer with what's left over... That should get you through the first 5-10 years of grinding and stuffing....  
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  11. dward51

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    They usually send out mailers with coupons for $20 off $100 or more for Northern also. Just buy a $2 pack of washers to get over $100.  I think I got my coupon book last week and seem to get another as fast as the old one expires.  If you have one of those you can bring it down to $80.  If you have a neighbor who also got the coupon book and does not need it, use one for the grinder and the other for the vertical stuffer and get them both for $160 total for a starter setup (might have to make two trips through the line though).
  12. catzcradle

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    I agree with the others, if you don't do much grinding, then it's fine.  I don't grind often, but grind a lot when I do.  I bought either the 3/4 or 1hp cabela's commercial when I saw it on the forums on sale.  It is far more than I need, but I've learned through the years the meaning of "training appliance" and I find I'm usually much happier if I just buy something built to last the first time.  It does grind so fast that I keep looking for more meat to put in it, but with it's stuffer attachment and speed, I've powered through everything from snack sticks to old-fashioned bologna.

    I'll give you one warning though, it is very heavy, and very large.  So a smaller lighter duty grinder may just be the perfect thing for you.
  13. zzerru

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    I make sausage in ~10lbs batches 6-10 times a year and my Cabelas pro grinder has held up fine for the past 8 years. I would love one of the 1hp commercial grinders, but then again I don't do a high volume on a weekly basis. Depends on your usage.
  14. x2 and still going strong.

    I bought some SS plates because I got tired of the rust on the carbon steel that comes with em.
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  15. mummel

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    Happy 4th to everyone!  I know this is an old thread, but whats the consensus for a new guy starting out with sausages?  I'm planning to get a LEM 5lb stuffer and probably wont grind more than 5lbs at a time (maybe a little more sometimes), a couple of times a year (5-8 cookouts?).  I may also trying making some salami at some point.

    What grinder would you guys recommend?
  16. daveomak

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    I would skip the LEM stuffer.... so would others....

    The Grizzly Stuffer has parts available... I would get extra o-rings.... ...$85 ...$90

    I have this grinder and it works well for me.. .. $100
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  18. mummel

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    Dave I looked at the NT stuffer but I recall it not having the right size tubes to sheep casings (0.8 inches).  Can you confirm you've used sheep casings?
  19. daveomak

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    LEM tubes will fit the 5# stuffers...

    I haven't used sheep casings... too expensive for me... and they blow out fairly easily, from what I have read....
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