meat going bad?

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  1. Bought two top rounds at Sams the other day.  I noticed yesterday that it had a small brown place on it so I went ahead and sliced it up to get it ready for marinating.  Does this look like the meat is spoiled? Checked it out this morning and it looks like there is another brown place forming.  I was thinking of going ahead and putting it in my cure and marinade then smoking in the morning.  The cure should stop the browning, right?

  2. Here it is just out of the icebox. Smells fine and isn't slimy.  Still kinda leery about using it though.

  3. If the meat was in contact with other pieces of meat it will turn brown. Like when they package steaks that overlap each other. Something to do with hemoglobin and oxygen. I know there are a few here that can explain it better. If it smells OK and isn't slimy it's probably OK. I'd wait to hear from Pops or JimmyJ or one of our other meat experts on the subject.
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    I get hamburger that is red on the outside and the interior is brown.  Have to agree with Alelover on smell and feel of the meat.
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    Here is the Science...Bottom Line, If it is bad it will Stink and be Slimy...What you got should be ok...JJ

    When freshly slaughtered meat is cut into steaks, the muscle tissue comes into contact with oxygen in the air. The myoglobin in the meat binds this oxygen, forming oxymyoglobin and giving the meat a red color. However, if fresh meat sits for a period of time, generally over the course of several days, the structure of the myoglobin changes. The iron molecule in the middle is oxidized from its ferrous to ferric form and a different complex is formed called metmyoglobin. This compound turns the raw meat a brown color. The meat is usually still safe to eat when cooked, but the brown, unappealing color turns off most consumers. To avoid having your fresh meat turn brown, use it as soon as possible after purchasing it.
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  6. I knew you'd have the answer JJ. I got my globins mixed up.
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    That meat looks bad?

    Send it to me!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    hahaha that's funny..   thanks for the info JJ

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