Meat Demon ( Oct Throwdown winner ) With Q-View

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    Hi all Im glad I can finally post and talk about this. I had been planning to make this for Halloween night dinner party for almost six months, and when this became a throwdown I knew I had to enter. I didn't get to take pics of every step in the process but I have a fair amount so here it goes.

    First step was to make the Head. I did this with a plastic skull, some cream cheese and some Lebanon Balogna. I used some deer tines that I have for the horns.

    I opened the cream cheese and spread it over the skull shaping it as I went to exaggerate some of the features like the eyes and chin.

    I then applied the Lebanon bologna to the cream cheese. Cutting and shaping the bologna as I went to fill in the voids

    The next step was the time consuming part. I ground up some pork and stuffed 2 long casings full of the sweet Italian sausage. I originally was going to link them but when they were on the platter after stuffing I liked the way they looked, so decided to keep them  long like real intestines.

    Here it is in the bag to meld the flavor while the casings were soaking.

    I then seasoned up the 2 lamb shanks and 2 petite pork roasts and got those into the smoker along with the sausage.  In the rush of doing all the meats in my new Bradley smoker I didn't add a pan to catch the grease and a fire resulted. I think the Italian sausage burst and sprayed the element causing a grease fire. I was really panicked and freaked out for a couple of minutes there. Im just glad I was watching the smoker when it started.)

    Here are the petite roasts. I used these as organs below the ribcage.

    Here are the lamb shanks. I used these as the upper arms and shoulders for the Demon.

    Here you can see the rack of beef ribs I did for the rib cage. I cut the largest bone off both of the racks to use as the forearms. I did cook these a day in advance to ease the burden and help with time control.

    To finish this beast off I used 2 marinated hollowed out tomatoes for the eyes with an olive inserted into the center. I also used the torch I use to light my AMNPS to blister the outside of a red bell pepper to use as the heart. and finished it all out by sticking lil smokies in all the gaps of the intestines. I had a blast making this and Im glad I made it early because although everyone likes the picture almost everyone said they didn't know if they eat it because of how creepy it looks. Below is the final presentation.

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    Man that is awesome.

    Takes some creative thinking.
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    c farmer took the words right out of my mouth. That is so cool.

  4. congratulations - that was awesome
  5. bigr314

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    That is pretty darn cool.Very creative.The stomach is crazy. 

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