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    Finally seasoned my MES 40. It's been in my garage for a month. Wife and mother-in-law went together and bought for me for Christmas . Not only did it set in my garage I had to put it there(ups left it on porch). So all I could do was go to the garage and stare:drool: WHO does that!!!
    I even begged them to let me do the first Christmas turkey!! NOPE!!! I know deep down the enjoyed Torturing me I know it!! Anyway enough pity party. Hope to have some Q view soon!!!
    Oh yeah one more thing I'm now a premier member. Yahoo!!! The knowledge I have learned here and keep learning is priceless!!! This site rocks!!
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    Congrats on that new MES!  I had a nice chuckle reading your story...Mrs. Red has done the same thing to me more than once!  

    Now get smoking!  Looking forward to your qview...[​IMG]

  3.   I hope you like your MES40. I sure love mine. I'm just down the road east of you near Neosho, Mo.

  4. kettleq

    kettleq Smoke Blower

    Hi stovebolt!!
    My wife and I come over there for groceries every few weeks or so. Do you have a butcher you would recommend ?
  5.   KettleQ, I don't use a butcher. Prices are usually too high since they don't have the volume of bussiness. I usually just try to keep up with the adds from the local stores. We buy a lot from Price Cutter and sometimes find very good deals at Save-a-Lot. Walmart is too high on their meat. Sometimes Food-4-Less in Joplin has some good sales.

     Although I get fliers from the first two I can access local adds for them and Food-4-Less online. Google them.

  6. kettleq

    kettleq Smoke Blower

    Yeah I try to go to cramers or SAMs for most of my smoking meats

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