Meadow Creek SQ36 Off Set Smoker

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  1. I have a Meadow Creek SQ 36 Smoker for sale that has the upper smoking grate, a charcoal pan and a full cover. I bought the smoker brand new and it cost $1,375.00.

    The smoker is in good condition and about 5 years old.

    I can be contacted via email at: [email protected]

    The smoker is located in Lutz, FL just north of Tampa, FL.
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  2. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    Would you mind posting some pictures of it?
  3. Dougmays,

    I am currently temporarily living in West Melbourne, FL and the smoker is at my daughters home in Lutz.

    I will speak with her tomorrow and ask her to take a few pics and send them to me and I will post them or if you prefer, I would be happy to email them to you which might be easier.

    My email address is: [email protected] .

    Please let me know.


  4. Doug,

    I don't know whether you are still interested in a good smoker but I have dropped my price to $400.00 now.

  5. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    man that's tempting!!
  6. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    Hey Harv,

    sent you a email

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