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    A couple of months ago I bought an Oklahoma Joe's horizontal offset smoker as the CC was quite a bit bigger than my trusty new Braunfels.  Got it home and the CC lid and the strap steel support inside the CC was so badly welded there were gaps everywhere and the FB also would not mate up with the CC tight enough and had major air leaks.

    I contacted Charbroil who has bought OK Joes and they requested I take some photos of the smoker showing the gaps and send to customer support.  I sent the pics and after a couple of gentle reminders that I had not had any action on their part for close to a month, they shipped out a new CC and FB.

    It came in day before yesterday and I swear it is worse than the first one!  The lid hinges are welded on in such a fashion that the right bottom edge of the CC lid overhangs the opening by close to 3/4 of an inch creating a HUGE gap on the left side

    Took more pics and sent in with the bad news and they said they would pull a CC and FB, uncrate it, inspect it to make sure it sealed and send those.  I hope the fit on these is what it should be.  My carport is getting cluttered with smoker parts!

    I had no idea that OK Joe's were now made in China until I unboxed the replacement parts.  Very sad to see a great American Company swallowed up by a big corporation and shift production to a foreign country[​IMG]

    To their credit, they were right on this episode and want to make me happy.  They stated that if the new parts this time weren't acceptable that they would issue a rebate for the smoker.  Great customer service, just lousy quality control at the overseas plant
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