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  1. Ok, Here's my "problem"

    I bought a maverick from Jeff and I calibrated the oven temp probe and it read 212* for boiling +/- 1*, I did the same with my old PID with new probe.  It reads +2* approx

    The problem I'm having is that that when I place both maverick probes in the cabinet, The oven probe(round end) reads 245*, the meat probe(pointed end) reads 255* and the PID reads

    155* +/- 2*

    When I reverse the maverick probes the temp read outs switch too.  Should I assume that the maverick oven probe is off?  The only think I can think of is that the oven probe is mounted through the side wall of the smoker with rubber grommets so only about 2/3 of the probe is inside the cabinet.  Does this make a difference?

    Does maverick have problems with their probes?  Has any one else have this problem?



    BTW, the last BB ribs were over cooked with 2-2-1with the maverick running 225*.  never a problem with just the PID
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    Similar here, I did not know you could calibrate them

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    Seemed like both probes were good in boiling water but you didn't mention the Maverick meat probe in boiling water (three probes total.)  The  three need to be together in the same place in the cabinet to test there since different parts of the cabinet will be different temps.  Your oven probe should be right next to the food your smoking instead of barely in the cabinet.  What did the Maverick meat probe read in boiling water?


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