Maverick ET-901

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    In the mail today, I received a replacement probe for my Maverick ET-901. The first thing I did was try the boiling water calibration test. The highest reading I got was 216* F but mostly it stayed around 214*. My elevation is under 700 ft above sea level. I'd say that was close enough for govt work.

    While I had it out I swapped the probe to the cheapo Acu-Rite that I have for which I also lost the probe. Highest temp it read was 128* in the same pot of water. I threw it out. The damned probes will show up tomorrow.

    FWIW, I just ordered an ET-73 dual probe for $30.75 from Amazon.

    Also just got a call from SIL that he picked up the Weber Gold 22" kettle WITH COVER today but he had to pay the full $25 that the guy was asking. Says it looks almost new.
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    Also, check your lower end by putting probe in a glass of ice water, should read 32°.

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