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  1. Good morning guys first of all i love this site!! lol now i have been smoking for a few months never used a meat thermometer, i have been wanting to smoke a big brisket for a while now and i found the maverick et 808 for $12 i went ahead and ordered the unit since its cheap compared to the other maverick models, has anyone used the ET 808?
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    Never used it and never even heard of it.  I can tell you that in the world of digital thermometers you get what you pay for....

    The best bang for your buck is the Maverick ET-732.  Costs about $70 but well worth it!

    Good luck and be sure to tell us how it worked out for you.

  3. Yup I just got the et732
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    About in the price range of a basic wired therm.

    I have a couple of similar items I have used for several years with great success.

    The remote feature on the ET 732 is really nice if you think about that down the road.

    One nice thing about the wired and non-remote therms?  They can keep you closer to the smoker with a cold beer in your hand. 

    That is not a bad thing, is it?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking
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