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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by jcollins, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Nobody knows anything about this?
  2. smokin phil

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    I know it exists. I know you can get it for about $80 on Amazon. I know Maverick makes good stuff, I'll probably buy this at some point. Realize that 40 to 50 feet is about max real world range for Bluetooth.
  3. Well i am in the market for a new thermo... i currently have a Weber Style dual probe it worked great at first and now its not all that great any more and i keep having to pair it with the base and i dont believe it reading temps correctly for the smoker temp. BUT... 40 to 50 feet is not good at all... 
  4. xray

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    There were a few threads on here when the 735 first came out. I wanted to buy one at first, but after some research and reviews I decided to go with the 733.

    My concern was the limited range of the Bluetooth and loss of signal on the 735. For overnight smokes, the receiver is on my nightstand 70 feet away from the smoker. Also my outside foundation is concrete block, so I didn't want to drop money on something that may or may not work.

    Other users have reported connectivity issues to their phones, notebooks, macs etc.
  5. Thank you,

    I was leaning more towards the ET-733 but i saw the 735 had 4 probes and that caught my eye but i wasnt sure about everything else
  6. xray

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    The only draw back for me is the 733 having only the two probes. Other than that, I couldn't be happier.

    You should have seen the wife's face when I told her I wanted to buy another 733 so I could smoke multiple meats!! I guess they'll never understand "boys and their toys."
  7.  LOL yes that is how my wife-to-be is 
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    Not to start something, but we know not to question how many purses or pairs of black shoes she has.  We trust her judgement in terms of whether she needs another or not.  Accordingly, when it comes to matters of meat and fire, she should trust our judgement.  Amiright? :D
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  9. I've just ordered the 733 today. This was after speaking with someone regarding the 735 at the weekend.

    Apparently it works well with iOS but not Android and the other thing I've read is issues with the Bluetooth.
  10. daricksta

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    I've heard of it but haven't see anyone hear posting a review of it but of course I don't see all posts. Did you do a search for any posts? I don't have Bluetooth anything so I don't need this. I have the ET-733 and am very happy it. It all depends on what your needs or wants are.
  11. lol ok ok after reading this it seems it mainly works with apple products (witch i do not like) and even with them it seems to be hit or miss....not buying this version, ill just stick with my original plan and get the ET-733.
  12. Purchased one the other day..Very nice unit and accurate...

    Should have bought the HT Si Grommets..but will get later on down the raod..

    Be warned, I first installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy android..and had nothing but problems with the bluetooth connection.. The installed on an old iPhone 4S and worked perfectly...

    Going to use it for my first smoke on Sunday....

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