Maverick ET 735 bluetooth Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by foamheart, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. foamheart

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    Do ya like it, is it worth the cash?  Fixin to give one for a Christmas present along with a MES40 blue tooth. Figured to keep it all the same. Then thought I should check.

    Gonna get it and a new shiny adjustable tube to go with the smoker. But yes I also order the cold smoker attachment also. Its all the horns and whistles that I don't have. Nephew will be starting out right.

    So good stuff/bad stuff on the thermometers?
  2. mummel

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    IMO, avoid Bluetooth.  Rather get the 733 which uses RF and has MUCH better range.
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  3. one eyed jack

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    I wonder if it is the bluetooth tech that is the shortfall of these systems.  I have an pretty expensive,  (Thermoworks), bluetooth dual probe that is a big disappointment.  It's max range is 12 feet, (Through one wood frame / wood siding wall).

    Yes:  It hurts when I sit down.  I have a bud who returned an iGrill unit with the same complaint.

    I like the Thermoworks probes quite a bit but they are just too proud of their stuff.

    I have several of Thermoworks high end thermometers and they all read faster and more accurately that the Maverick which I also own, however, I don't think that the small amount of extra accuracy and speed are needed in the smoking environment.

    I guess that they have some value as "bragging rights" but most guys "in the know" will recognize me for a fool for spending that much on the therm.

    There's my dos centavo's.
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