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  1. Just received my Maverick ET-733 today.  Question I have is, am I correct to assume that a properly calibrated thermometer should pass both the ice water and water boil test?

    The posted tolerance from Maverick is +/- (3-4).  I tested mine fresh out of the box with the 3' leads that came with it and the Hybrid 6' leads I purchased.  Here are my findings.

    I got the same results for all 4 leads so I know they are all good.  I also tested with my ThermoPop

    Ice water test. Performed by filling a glass with crushed ice and then water to 1/2" below the top.

    Probe 1 - 41 degrees

    Probe 2 - 39 degrees

    Instant read ThermoPop - 32 degrees

    Water boil test.

    Probe 1 - 214 degrees

    Probe 2 - 212 degress

    Instant read ThermoPop - 212 degrees

    I did email Maverick and am waiting for a response.  I would assume that it should read accurately at high and low temps.  I am not necessarily concerned since I don't need a thermometer to tell me when my beer is cold [​IMG] and my Zero Zone has a digital readout for the refrigerator and freezer.  Since it passed the water boil test and I mainly will be using it for Brisket and Pork butt do you think I should be happy with it or should I demand they send me a new one?
  2. HI Jason

    I have to confess that I've never tested mine. The only really important temperature to me is the meat, from 145 - 200 depending on what's cooking.  Makes you wonder, if it's on at 212, but 7-9 degrees off at 32, how far is it off at 145?

    Will be interested to know if they respond to your email. 
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    You need your true altitude. 
    • Water boils at 212° F at sea level. For every 550 feet above sea level, the boiling point of water is lowered by about 1° F. Thus, in most of Wisconsin the actual boiling point of water is in the range of 210° to 211°.
    • With an accuracy factor of +or-  1 degree they could all be off or all dead on. 
    • You also have to hold all the probes in the exact same spot in the water at the same time. If you move them around you will see diff. temps in the water in diff spots depending on the heat source and how close you come to it.
    • I have several therms. and I put all the probes in a small cup of water in the oven being careful not to get connection wet . If they all read within 1 or 2 degrees of each other then no big deal. This way you can see the diff. readings as the water temp. rises, same as in a piece of meat.
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  4. Still no reply from Maverick.  Guess I will need to call them Monday.  I guess it is possible - like what happens in the IRS - that the email was lost [​IMG]

    I will be doing some further tests but I am still concerned that it was not accurate at 32 degrees.  My guess would be that it would be progressively less accurate as it measures from 212 down to 32.
  5. Got a reply from Maverick.  Needless to say I am very disappointed with their customer service.  I explained to them that this was a brand new unit and that no matter what probe I have plugged into port 1 it always reads 41 degrees on the ice water test and port 2 reads 38 degrees.  Obviously it is a defective, brand new product.

    Their solutions is for me to ship it, at my expense, to them.  They will check it out and then send me another one.  That is completely not acceptable and I explained that to them.  They at the very least need to send me a prepaid shipping label but they stated they do not do that.

    Time to get someone on the phone that has some experience in customer service.  I guess beware if you buy one of these they appear to not stand behind it very well.

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