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    can anyone tell me how to use this thing. I feel silly but I have no idea what to do.

    I have a MES, and I think this is what I need. The directions are confusing as to what the BBQ probe is and what the thermometer is. if anyone could laid it our in simple terms I would be much obliged.
  2. BBQ probe is the shorter one and is used to determine the temp of the BBQ (smoker/grill/etc). It attaches to the clip that will attach to the rack or grate.

    The food or meat probe goes on the other side and is the longer of the two, this would go into the meat itself to determine the internal temp of the meat.

    Product manual here:

    Video here:

    Hope that helps!
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    Don't let the probes touch the grates.  I cut a 2x4 into 2 1"x1" chunks and drilled a hole in each and slid the probes into them.  This works great for keeping the probes off the grates as they sit about 1/2" above the grates. 
  4. dish

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  5. Isn't it the tip of the probe that measures the Temperature?
  6. dish

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    That's what they say to check the accuracy of the probes in boiling water.  Just the tip.

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