Maverick ET-732 problem

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by finnanthony, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hi folks . I have had the 732 for about 10 months and all was fine until today . When I went to plug in the probes to the respective ports food and barbecue they would not go in . What could possibly go wrong on that end ? Try as I might , the ends only go a small fraction of the way into the port . Both of them . Is the thing shot or must I get new probes ? Thanks for any help or recommendation....Finn
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    finn, afternoon.... did some bug crawl into the holes  ???  Can you insert a toothpick into them  ????   Dave
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    Do you have multiple spare thermometers where you could be plugging in the wrong thermometers or using the wrong base? I know I've done it  a few times. If you only have the one thermometer/probes then I can't think of any explanation other  then something has gotten into the holes which is blocking you  from  inserting the probe into the base unit. Keep us posted.
  4. It is my only one. .It appears that perhaps they expanded the plastic . Up until now the units were kept in a tub on our porch . Could it be possible that moisture then expansion from freezing may have happened ? The cost of new probes are about half of a whole new unit . Puzzling for sure !!
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    I have never had a problem like that with the 732.

    Much to the opposite, you can insert the dang things, think you have them in there, and they are not.  They just don't "click" into place with that assurance you get with others.

    Having said that, mine are working fine with the exception of the one meat probe that went south on me.  Never had a probe fail on me with any other brand.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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