Maverick ET-73 waste of $$$

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by stayhot, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Hey stay hot, in post number 7 above you express confusion about the positive customer service comments compared to your current experience. There is a good chance people were talking about Todd, not Maverick, so that may be what's causing the confusion. Just wanted to clear that up. I wish you luck. I have the et 732 and it is SO worth the money.
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    I do NOT have any problems with Todd at all as a matter of fact I have PM'd him several times with different questions and he was a great guy to deal with. I have problems with the lousy customer service Maverick offers or should I say doesn't offer. It's been made obvious to me that if your thermometer needs to be sent back even while under warranty it on your dime not theirs.
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    I never bought the 73.  Too many mixed reviews on them.

    When the 732 came out I bought one.  I have no complaints.  It saves me a lot of messing around.

    As to Todd?  If his customer service doesn't please you?  Based strictly on my experience, maybe nobody's will?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Where in this thread did I say anything negative about Todd or his company? People should learn how to read before posting false statements.
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    I don't think anyone said that you said anything negative about Todd or Amazen Products. I think Venture's comment was just a general comment and not directed at you.
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    Everybody Take a deep breath... Inhale...Exhale... good.[​IMG]

    Stayhot FWIW Please remember that when someone posts something it can be misconstrued especially with the lack of inflections and facial expressions, so don't be so quick to post negative comments. (Just looking out for ya!)

    Back on topic

    Well I just ordered another one for My brothers Birthday Gift, he liked mine so much, I figured he should have his own.
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    stayhot, I can see how you might have taken that.

    My enthusiastic endorsement for Todd's customer service was based on my experience in dealing with him.  I have had no experience dealing with Maverick directly.

    Do not take my endorsement of Todd's customer service as having meant anything toward you.  It wasn't.

    Having said that, I could have stated it better than I did.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  9. ET732 is great. Never had a problem with it. Contact Todd at AMNP for one...
  10. Received the ET-73 a couple weeks ago. The remote receiver does not function consistently. I followed the instructions. The remote will, after a few tries connect and display the temps. then it stops working. I don't even move the the remote and it stops working. The transmitter works fine. The quality of construction is low, the back panel on the transmitter has a lousy latch. I wish other options existed. I plan to request a replacement from amazon.
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  12. I've had the Mav ET-73 for a few years -- before they came out with a 732 I think.  I've mod-ed the 73 with an antennae in an attempt for more distance and drilled a hole in the baterry cover so I can get to the on/off switch without removing the cover.  I have burnt out probes (my fault) that I replaced with high temp probes.  Like others, I'll upgrade to the 732 when the 73 bites the dust.

    However, if you want a commerical quality temp probe instrument try the Thermaworks TW8060:
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    I'm going to pile on here and endorse the ET-732. I used it tonight in 10* temps and it worked as always. I've had it out in below zero weather and never had a problem. It's one of the few items I can trust for accurate temps and decent range.
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    The intent of this thread was to say how HORRIBLE Mavericks customer service is not about how great the new model is. Now there are other people saying that the new probes aren't any good? Even the women at Maverick told me they get alot of these units returned. Here's a revelation, if there are so many returns maybe they shouldn't be selling them.

    $49.99 original unit

    $8.00 return 1st defective unit (I had to pay to return junk)

    $8.00 to return 2nd defective unit ( I had to pay again to return another junk unit)

    $26.25 to upgrade to the newer unit  (Keep in mind that these are all cost's I had to pay because there product failed)
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    stay hot......i feel yer pain.........i stopped using therms along time ago unless i am doing poultry and even then i just temp them at the end with an instant read. i never use a "leave in probe" when cooking anything, any where, any way...........just sayin' ya might want to (and don't take this the wrong way) learn how to cook by feel. not every piece of meat cooks exactly the same way so if you can get the "feel" of when a butt or chuck is ready you won't have to worry about a gadget not working. i get it that someone new to this gig doesn't want to "screw anything up" but a more experienced cook should be able to learn his/her equipment, product and methods to produce a product that they like. good luck and don't be afraid to ask..........

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    The main reason I am using it is to moitor the internal temp of the smoker because what the readout says and whats actually going on in there are 2 different things. I find it really amusing that folks are OK with repairing BRAND NEW probes to eliminate premature failures?? The person at Maverick also told me that the newer unit has alot less issues than the older model. I asked her why they are even selling them if there are so many known problems and the response I got was crickets chirping.....yes you got it I DIDN'T GET A RESPONSE. 
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    what kind/type of smoker do you have?

    i have a tel-tru thermo on my offset..

    and i use a cheap oven thermo for the gasser up-right..

    i use an infared and it is the quickest and easiest to get temps from different parts of the smoker as well as surface temps of the meat....

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    I can vouch for the Tel Trus, have three on frank.

  19. Stayhot, good name under the circumstances. I can read well and no one said you said anything negative about Todd. You said that you read a bunch of great reviews about Maverick's customer service and Humdinger replied. From what I read he was trying to let you know tha it was possible that you were confusing great posts about Todd's customer service as being about Maverick's customer service. As an avid reader I've never seen a post bragging on Maverick's customer service.
  20. I've replaced my probes a couple of times now for what I suspect is this exact problem. I do like the fact that the replacement probes that I get from Todd have a much longer cord. I just recieved a new set for each of my 3 Maverick ET-732 from Todd to use in this years BBQ Comps. I think I'm going to try the "Permatex" mod on these and see how it works. Thanks for the tip.

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