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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by green1320, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. green1320

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     Ok I bought a maverick 733 and have a couple questions.

    1. Do I put the probe into the meat as soon as I put it in the smoker or do I wait to put it in till it has smoked for several hours?

    2. Can I use one of the probes that came with the unit and a clip to monitor internal temp of the smoker or do I need to purchase another probe to do this?

    3. What is the best placement for the probe that I use to monitor internal temp of the smoker? Can the probe go under the meat or should it be over it so the meat does not drip on it?


  2. tropics

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    I do not have the Maverick but I do use another probe that I hand using Ceramic Magnets from Harbor Freight

    The corks are from when I laid it on the rack
  3. waterinholebrew

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    1. I wait an hour or two depending on what I'am smoking !

    2. One probe, I have the 732 & the blunt ended probe is for smoker temp.

    3. Just clip your probe to the grate close to the meat, not under it !

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