Mastterbuilt Cold Smoker Kit (new at Bass Pro)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by big twig, Jul 24, 2012.

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    So I was cruising the Internet looking at smokers to add to the arsenal (eventually) since I have been doing a lot of catering and honestly the 22.5 WSM just can't keep up with the amount I am cooking. Eventually I will get a trailer smoker but it is out of the budget right now. I honestly just have a buying problem and i haven't "bought" anything for a while so i have the itch. Either way enough about why i was looking at smokers and such but I came across this today and searched SMF to see if anyone has mentioned it, nope, so just sharing with you all. I don't have a MES and if I did I would AMNPS all the way but I found this interesting. It is some sort of cold smoking (they say between 100°-120° = not cold smoking) attachment for the MES (they show it with the newer model but says fits all).

    Here you go!
  2. Thanks, I saw that a week or so ago while cruising and shopping for new propane smokers. They've added several items I've never seen before to their 2013 catalog...a smoker shelf for the digitals, a sausage hanger and smoker stands for both the 30 and 40. Haven't seen prices on any of the new items yet.
  3. Yeah, 100° to 120° is definitely not cold smoking. :icon_eek:

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    Im with Martin
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    I have not seen any of these Masterbuilt products. The Masterbuilt cold smoker Kit looks very interesting. I would like to see more of the internal workings.

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