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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jbarjmx, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I am considering the purchase of Lowe's Master Forge Double Door Smoker as I like the idea of not having to open the cook area door every time you need to add wood for smoke. Would appreciate some experianced user comments on this smoker and any necessary upgrades for improvement. Now does it compare to Masterbuilt?

    I am a newbie with very limiter experiance smokin fish.
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    I  have one, did a couple mods to it. Look in my posts.
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    Several guys on here have them.
  4. Ii have a Master Forge as do a bunch of other folks on the forum.  I'll sure they'll chime in when they see this.

    As for necessary mods to the Master Forge, I would recommend:
    1. Don't even think of using the thermo that comes with it.  I'd recommend replacing it with a decent analog in the door as well as running a few digital thermos to monitor smoker temp and product temp(s).
    2. Depending on how the unit was manufactured the doors might leak a ton of smoke and heat.  You can pick up some rope gasket insulation to seal both doors nice and tight.  Not a major mod or major cost but improves the efficiency.
    3. My unit had some major gaps where the side and back panels met the top.  I sealed those with the high temp silicon that came with the rope gasket kits.
    4. A lot of guys run sand in the water pan instead of water in their gassers, regardless of make.  Some guys even do that in their electric smokers.
    All in all I think the Master Forge is a pretty decent smoker for the price.  I have some pictures in my profile of mine in use.

    I can't comment on the Masterbuilt since I don't have one, but again, a lot of folks here do and I'm sure they'll add to the post.

    You can use the search function on the forum to find all kind of info re the Master Forge and the Masterbuilt.

     I'd also suggest you head over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so everyone can give you a proper welcome.  It would also be beneficial if you fill in your location so we have a better idea as to your climate and other location specific things come when questions come up.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    I would like to read your old posts but have no idea as to how to pull them up.

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