Masterbuilt XL wood pan flair up

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  1. I have the master built XL propane smoker and I have a 8 inch cast iron pan on top of the original chip pan. My question is sometimes when I open the door to spritz my ribs the pan flames up on me. What can I do to prevent this from happening or what am I doing wrong?
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    Cover the chip pan  with foil or something similar to keep the inrush of air off of the chips....  leave a few holes for the smoke to escape....  Sounds like your smoker could use some air vents also....   Pictures would help.....   Dave
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    Known issue that the XL stock chip pan will cause chips/chunks to flame up and burn rather than smoke. Try this thread to see how some have fixed/replaced the chip pan. I took an old cast iron smoke box from my grill and placed it on top of the stock pan and it seems to be working well for me. Others have used a 10 or 12" cast iron skillet on top of a cheap grill wok or raised up via bolts.
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  4. I already have a cast iron skillet on top of my original chip pan. Its only flared up once and it did it while I had the door open spritzing my ribs. I might have to get a bigger skillet cuz I only got a 8" right now.
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    Missed that you already are using cast iron. Are you using chips or chunks of wood?
  6. I just recently started using chunks. It seemed like I was having to replace the chips more often. I get a longer smoke using the chunks it seems like to me

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