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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jftx, Apr 8, 2013.

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    I tried making some jerky a couple of weeks ago.  The plan was to start around 150 degrees and go up from there.  On low my Masterbuilt reached 200.  I know I can turn it past high and get the flame lower but with West Texas winds I run the risk of the flame blowing out.  Also, with the flame that low i couldn't get the chunks or chips to smoke.  Since i don't use the stock chip pan (i use a cast iron skillet) I was wondering if i could use lump charcoal for the smoke and heat source.
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    Before I fine tuned my GOSM to get to low temps for jerky I used a metal baking pan with about 6 briquettes of charcoal and a chunk of wood. I would have to replenish every hour or so but it worked and I could keep temps below 170*.
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    The best way I've discovered to keep the temps in my Masterbuilt Propane smoker (Ex-Wide) is to install an   inline  LP needle valve for the supply hose. My goal is to keep temps in the 130-160°F—primarily for smoking sausages and jerky. I can set the dial on the smoker to its lowest setting and adjust the valve to further reduce the flame. End result is a consistent cooking range for many hours in the desired range.

    I use the a-maze-ns for smoke generation. They have little or no impact on the internal chamber temp.


    Low temps for jerky....

    And sausages...

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  4. I do use lump charcoal, after the mod on the chip pan, the LC burns fine with the vents in the correct positions and a low temp is achieved and no propane is used. 
    I like the needle valve suggestion, I'm planning on purchasing one!

    () possibly?

    I love this smoker and big fan of a-maze-ns and hope to use it now that the weather here in MA is getting better.
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    I would go with a needle valve but like i said in my post i'm concerned with the wind blowing the flame out.  I think i'll try lum charcoal next time. 
  6. You may be correct, I found more about this in another post which I had previously posted in see:

    I am still going to get a valve and if the wind kicks up I'll just leave it open a little more.

    Good luck on the lump charcoal it works great for me.  Additionally I did more mods that I posted in that other post if your interested so that I can add different types of chips for flavor.

    View this posting also very good stuff!

    Hope all goes well here in MA BOSTON STRONG!
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    You said in line LP needle valve installation will be helpful. How to install it?
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