Masterbuilt XL Propane Smoker on sale at Bass Pro until 6-15-14 $159.97

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  1. $159.97 and free shipping when shipped to store.

    That's 40 bux off and you can use their own 6 payment plan at under $30 bux a month. I got one for fathers day :)

    Big capacity propane smoker
    • 1333 square inches of cooking space over four oversized cooking racks
    • Heavy-duty powder coated construction with wide stance leg pattern for stability
    • 15,400 BTU stainless steel burner
    • Adjustable gas control and full range thermometer in door for great cooking control
    • Patented flame disk bowl
    • Specially designed porcelain water bowl
    • Locking, full size door
    • 5.14 cubic feet of smoking space
    • Push button ignition
    There's a bunch of reviews around here for these that are really favorable.
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    The first mod you need to make if you but this is to get rid of the flame disk and replace it with a cast iron skillet, I am still very much a rookie but this made all the difference in the world for my results
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