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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by mr mac, Jul 5, 2013.

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    If you read my other two threads, you know I now have a newer MB 2-door gasser.  My father-in-law, Texas Ray, brought it to me after he found it too finicky to work with.  

    Before he even brought it to me, I told him about that gawd awful chip pan and suggested a small, stainless steel dog bowl to keep the wood chunks in.  He did one better by removing the OE chip pan and replacing it with the old gas stove burner grate and a cast iron skillet.  I like this mod as that skillet get nice and hot and gets a chunk of hickory smoking in no time!

    My adds to this work in progress was to replace the tiny little water pan with the one that came out of my old MS gasser, the round one like the ones used in the ECBs.  That allows me to go three to four hours without having to add water!  It also keeps the amount of meat drippings from hitting the floor of the thing.

    The biggest problem we had with this unit is the lack of heat!  I'm so glad that before I scrapped my old MB I kept the water pan and its holder, the old grates, the thermometer and the regulator!  I had looked at the flame in this new unit and saw that it was a lot lower than my old unit so, I swapped out the regulator and, viola, tall flame that gets this smoker to well over 500 degrees where just before I swapped it out I couldn't get anywhere near 300!  I think my heat issues are now over and I'll have another great gas smoker!

    For sure, I'll let you know next smoke!


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  2. Hey your mods look great. Do you know what kind of burner grate he used? and did he just install it as is or did he raise the legs for the burner grate prior to putting it in?
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    It is a simple grate turned upside down over the burner shroud, very simple.  Not sure what kind of stove it was but it is kind of tall.
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  4. ok thanks

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