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    I have the two door propane master built from bass pro shop. Over winter when I went to smoke a pulled pork the gas began burning before the burner either from a leak or clogged venturi tube but in the process it melted the igniter, control knob and the tube before it goes into the brass fitting the puts the gas into the vinturi tube (gotta love my large amount knowledge when it comes to propane systems...)

    So the question is, where would i go about getting replacements for the pieces? I tried the universal igniter from Lowes and it wouldn't work because of how it mounted so figure I might need to get originals from the maker. And the price makes me wonder if I should even try to salvage it or just get a new one but can't afford a new one for a while so it would mean the rest of the summer with no smoked meat and that would just be a travesty

    Thanks for any help
  2. I don't know what it would cost to repair. Then their is the question as to. Would you like to upgrade. If so this might be the time.

    Happy smoken.


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