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    Do yourself a favor and a lot of greif, get the 8" cast pan, and use only CHUNKS, not chips, set the pan right on top of the wood pan it came with, Pre-heat for 15m at about 325* and put the meat in with the Mav ET-732 probes in place ,put a good size chunk on, about the size of a kids fist, and close the door and close the back vent to 80% , put don't Pinch the probe cords, and drop temp down to 225* and go have a beer and adjust the temp until it get dow on the Mav correctly......That's it..Been doing it bunch of time..


    keep a eye on it

    it's just that Simple...KISS...Keep it simple Silly

    don't wrap the wood in foil, Don't put a tin pie pan in the cast iron pan, and no smoker box (those are for gas grills) , after about 2-3 burnt chunks,just pull the pan out "dump" and place it back in and toss a chunk in, and close the door, replentish about every 2hrs or so..
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  2. Nice & simple.  Thx for the advice, i am going to do that for sure tomorrow.  Just need to get the Mav ET-732.  Probably wont have for a couple of weeks but will use a regular thermometer for now.  KISS huh, cool.
  3. OK, got mine put together and did a "seasoning" burn today using charcoal only,,,a couple of notes;

    I got AT LEAST a 30 degree difference in readings from the door thermometer, and my Maverick digital..

    If you use charcoal, you won't have to use as much as you think...I had the bowl full of lump charcoal, and had no problem getting past the

    prescribed 400 degree mark..
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    Ok I got me one of those MB Dual door gizmo's, been using CharGriller's Offset and wanted to get back to gas.  I picked up one of those Regulator/Needle valve lines but I am having one heck of a time getting the line off the master valve. 

    Any Ideas?

    and I seasoned with the Gas and cooking oil on the grates and walls/door  gonna do a slab of baby back's with Cherry (Been soaking them for about an hour now)  gonna see how this thing fares out.  Also it will be great for my Amazn cold smoker for my cheeses and spices!  WooHoo Double duty from a simple Vertical box!

    Cheers to all
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    There are hard to get off because at the factory they used a pipe dope on the threads to seal it.  Mine was very hard to remove but I got it.  Also, hopefully yours isn't reversed threaded.  If it is, you could be fighting it in the wrong direction.
  6. i went on ebay and bought a propane smoker by mastertbuil, its a single door, with 2 shelves...sufficient for me cause at present im only smoking suasages...i paid 25 bucks for it, the storewner was in ny, he in turn spent 50 bucks for woodchips from gander mountain and had them sent to me....good bargain it seems to me...been making sausages for 2 yrs now withno problems with the smoker at all.......
  7. mine is only a few months old and it is off almost 10 degrees
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    I just got 2 barb-end fittings and cut the line in two about a foot from the tank end.  2 worm gear clamps and some pipe dope and you are in business about 15 minutes.
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    Hey "Pelon213'

    Don't try to use foil for this, it will burn up in the high heat. Go to Wal Mart and get an 8" cast pan for 8 bucks and be done with it. You will save a lot of frustration!
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    after much cussing and discussing, I managed to get that fitting free of the valve.  Didn't see any dope on it, but there must have been an 800 pound gorilla at the factory with this thing.  now I should be able to control that flame even more. 

    On another note, with the wood pan, should I just use my 5 pound mallet and smash those puppies closed?
  11. ba cyclone

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    I would just get yourself a 8" cast iron skillet and use that instead of the alien spaceship thing you get with the smoker. 

    I think the Lodge one I purchased was $15 tops, works far better than the supplied pan, have not had a flareup since and use a lot less wood to get the same effect.
  12. schmitzmoke

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    You gotta trust us when we tell you this,,, go to Wal Mart and get an 8" cast pan for 10 bucks and be done with it. You will save a lot of frustration!
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    EXACTLY....!!!!!..set the darn pan on top of the wood chip pan that came with it, throw on a fist size chunk of wood, drop the temp down to 225*, and just quit [​IMG]What is so Hard Folks...? only need a needle valve is if you want to get the temp down under 180* or lower..just burn what you brung...

    does that look like I'm not just Blow'n Smoke up your Vent
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    I have been using the MB propane smoker for a few years now.  I do lots of fish cuz I live for Salmon season here on the west coast.  My H.O. on the matter of cold Vs. Hot smoking is that so long as you use a smoker that has the burner in the tray chamber your not going to get low enough temps without mods of some kind or another.  I use the 3-4 hr at the lowest setting I can achieve which happens to be around 170.  Cold smoking requires lower temps than I can get with my stock model.  I plan to build a cold smoker with an external heat and smoke source vented through the tray chamber after the heat is dissipated.  True cold smoking. 

    Good luck and keep coming back here, it's where all the smokers hang out and share good info.
  15. grahd

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    Ok I tried the new valve but have issues. I have flames kick back at the valve on the smoker and I also got the 10" pan from Wallyworld and I had a hell of a time with it. Went back to the old valve and couldn't really get above 210 degrees. What did I do wrong???????
  16. ps0303

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    What do you mean by "valve?" 
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    Please be more descriptive, what was the deal with the cast iron pan?   I think I only got the 8" one and I don't think I'd go much bigger than that.

    I'm also not sure what "flames kick back at the valve on the smoker" would mean to be honest.

    All you need to do to use the needle valve is cut the rubber line in a convenient spot, buy yourself 2 barb fittings to screw into the needle valve (use LP gas pipe goop) and attach that to the hose with worm gear clamps.
  18. Agreed...go with the 8" Cast Iron Pan...soooo much easier.  Set it on the pan that was supplied with the foil.

    Get some kind of hot glove though so you can pull it out if/when needed....

    One issue I do have is with the chips / chunks & the temp.

    I've noticed that if I have my temp around 225, I have difficulty getting the wood to smolder.

    Anybody else face this?  This was true even before I got the 8" skillet.

    FYI this is an awesome little smoker.  So much easier to use.

    I know I know it's not as "pure" since it uses gas vs. charcoal, but I almost never used my offset in the 2 years I had it.

    In the 2 months since I got this, I've done CSR's twice, ribs 3 or 4 times and shoulder twice...and counting!
  19. grahd

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    Ok to describe further, I put the Bayou classic needle valve on the smoker, replacing the factory 'black' regulator hose.  once I did that, and I put the 10" cast pan from Wallyworld onto the burner, I get the flames coming back through the tube to the burner hitting the valve assembly at the bottom of the box.  I went back to my original hose and I didn't have that issue.  I think it was because too much fuel was flying through it and was blowing back through the tube back to the valve at the bottom.  I will reattempt it again and see what it does.  I also through looking and playing I put my cast pan on the 'flying saucer' pan.  it seemed to work a little better, but took a LONG time for the wood chunks to start smoldering.  I ended up putting in some Kingsford to help it along. 

    Should I light a bit of the Kingsford put it in the cast pan, and then put the wood chunks into what is glowing?  would that help my situation.  It just wouldn't get above 220 degrees no matter what I did.  had much higher temps when I used just the saucer.  I guess it could just be trial and error on my part with the nice box I have.  BTW, I did some chickens in it last weekend and smoked them for about 1.5 to 2 hours and then slapped them on the grill.  Worked like a champ!
  20. I bought a cast iron skillet off amazon for $16 and it's alot better smoke and flavor and a wok the walls on the wok are angled and i put that upside down over the flame and the 8'' skillet on top of that

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