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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by boisblancboy, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. I have a Masterbuilt propane smoker and use chunks all the time. I never use chips, only chunks or pellets.
  2. I too got this Smoker from Santa. I opened her up a couple weeks ago and have had great success-especially as a rookie. I'm on my 7 smoke and for most part, all smokes have been awesome. Last night my turkey stalled out after 7 hours. I couldnt get it past 159 degrees but thats the only issue I've had so far
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    I have the 40" version. It says the same, but I use chunks just fine.

    Jaybird, mine did the same last night!
    For hours stayed @160! Bumped it to 350 for about 1 hour.
  5. It just said to use wood chips.
  6. Are you guys using chunks in the pan that comes with it or are you using a cast iron skillet?
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    I use a cast iron skillet in mine, but honestly have only smoked chips and pellets.  Never done chunks.
  8. What's the purpose of using a cast iron skillet?
  9. Hi Boisblancboy,

    I picked up the 2 door Masterbuilt smoker last summer.   I'm pretty new to it still but this site has answered all my questions so far.  I figure you've probably found a lot of threads about how to use a skillet in these forums already, but if not, just do a few searches.  That said, the cast iron skillet keeps the chips or chunks from flaring up.  I use a 6 inch cast iron skillet in my smoker and I even cover it with some tin foil with a hole or three poked in the foil.  I put the skillet right on the chip pan with no additional modifications (to the pan itself).   I found it best to only use 1 chunk at a time.  This helps to keep the smoke thin and blue.

    Good luck!
  10. A bit of clarification,  I use 1 chunk at a time if its big... I'll use a few small chunks at a time.  Nice thing about the 2 door you can open that bottom door without losing a lot of the heat / smoke.

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