Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel temp. problem solved ... but creates another problem.

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by smokersouth, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. smokersouth

    smokersouth Fire Starter

    I figured out how to get a low temp. on the this Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel.

    Instead of using the lowest setting on the lower right, I ran the temperature adjustment knob past the high setting to the almost all the way off position, upper left, and ended up with a 210 deg. temp. and it was steady for over an hour. Perfect.

    But here's the new problem. The wood chunks won't smoke at 210.

    At what temp. do wood chips start to smoke?

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  2. gditys

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    what I did on my smoker was take the stock chip pan out and I took a old burner grate from a gas stove top and use it with a cast iron pan and then the cast iron pan is lower and closer to the flame and u can get it to smoke at lower temp
  3. smokersouth

    smokersouth Fire Starter

    Two questions;

    1. At what temp. does wood begin to smoke?

    2. Do you folks think it's safe getting a low temp. by turning the dial all the way past high the way I described in the first post?

    I mean we are dealing with propane here and running that dial beyond the highest setting almost to the off position to get a lower temp. Makes me a little nervous.

    Would you do it?
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  4. gditys

    gditys Fire Starter

    I can get smoke at a little over 200 and I don't think I would turn the handle that low I would go with the needle valve or maybe just keep the door cracked a little to keep temp down
  5. cmayna

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    Needle valve is the way to go.   You will find lots of threads on this subject.   Yes a cast iron skillet lowered to the flame.  You might want to consider using a AMNPS or AMNTS pellet smoker.  If so, you better find a way to unload all that wood chips cause you'll never go back. [​IMG]

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