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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by mr mac, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. mr mac

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    To go along with the new place we bought, it was time to add a new smoker to the stable! A Masterbuilt ThermoTemp unit that has a built-in thermometer that holds the temp at whatever you set it at! When I seasoned it I discovered I was off by 25 degrees, and once I figured that out, I found where 225 was and it stayed there for the entire time it took to season! Very pleased with that! This Friday we are doing a Boston butt for the church crowd. Our last run for them was in a WSM and it got high marks, so, no pressure! :)

    After an extensive run at the assembly.

    Sprayed the interior with cooking spray and got it up to 225 (according to the dial) with hickory.

    With the dial at 225 I was only at 200, so. I moved it to 250.

    225 on the oven thermometer after only a few minutes. 250 equals 225. I'm good with that!

    After about three hours I shut it down and it was still at 225. I love this thing! Come on Friday!

    I'll be sure to follow this up Saturday with how it all went!
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  2. Rings Я Us

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    Great model smoker! Low and slow steamy window.. haha.
  3. daveomak

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    Nice smoker... FINALLY a decent exhaust in a propane smoker... Took them long enough.... Enjoy it.....
  4. texas ray

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    Looks good MAC. I smoked a 16 pound brisket last week on the WSM 22.5 for our Fridays home group and it was outstanding. If your new Masterbuilt works out ok, I may get one for the back patio area. How big is the water pan? Is the burner, wood tray, and water pan any better than the Masterbuilts we previously had?
  5. mr mac

    mr mac Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    No, Pop, unfortunately, the water pan is still woefully small. The chip tray is a rather unique thing as well, these days and works quite well, if not a touch too fast. I did figure out that since there is a vaporizer over the burner, I can set my little cast iron skillet on it and put some wadded up foil inside that with a chunk of wood and it smokes nicely for about 45 minutes versus the 10 or so with the chip tray.

    If I had a complaint it would be that the width of this unit seems even smaller than the older Smokhouse versions we had before. To that end, it is perfect for Chey and I (plus whatever Boomerangs we have in the house), but for much more than that, the Smokevault or the WSM would be better suited. Watch for the post on the smoke I did for Friday night.
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  6. texas ray

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    I will wait for your post. The Smoke Vault is still on the patio if you still want it. I use my Kamado Joe for grilling Ribeye Steaks & etc., but my WSM is my go to for longer and larger smokes.
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  7. mr mac

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    You know I do! ;) I was already tasked for doing several butts for the Spring Festival by our pastor! Kind of a repeat of last year for the youths of Pinewoods!

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