MasterBuilt Gas and Needle valve guidance

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jomadav, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. jomadav

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    Masterbuilt Pro Dual fuel 2 door.

    I am looking at buying a needle valve to dial in/ stabilize my temps. Currently with no mods, I  hit 250-275 and then back it down to 225-250.

    What I am seeing is I get the temp rising and falling in that window (218-255) with no adjustments by me-- just floats up and down.

    So, I adjust vents, turn burner down, etc....then I get all "out of whack".

    What I am thinking is to add a needle valve like I have seen others here do - but, am I going up the right path to fix my issue? I use a wind shield, keep it in the shade, keep water pan full, use only one chunk of wood at a time, top vent wide open- bottom R  vent closed 100% - bottom L vent open 25-50%, burner on low/ med low.

    It cooks very well - I am just looking for something to "dial it in" and leave it.

    This is what I am looking at:

    Any opinions welcome - anyone using this needle valve?
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  3. jomadav

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    You are correct. This is what I was able to find - it looks like others here have used it with success.

    Are you thinking that I could keep my stock regulator and use a valve like the one in you link to do what I want?

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