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  1. So I just got off the phone with Tiffany, a customer service rep with Masterbuilt. I accidentally dropped my wireless remote from my spice shelf. It fell about 3' - 4'. It didn't shatter or break but the insides must have taken a beating. I got all sorts of weird looking numbers on the read-out screen. Tiffany is sending to me a brand new wireless remote free of charge; shipping is free too. Now that's what I call a company who stands behind their product. They've made me a loyal customer for sure and I feel obligated to share.

    Thank you Tiffany and Masterbuilt!!!


    P.S. Right now I'm smoking my second corn beef brisket using Jeff Phillip's recipe from his news letter. The 1st one turned out great for St. Patty's Day. My wife wants pastrami sandwiches for lunch tomorrow at work. I will post pics when it's done.
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    Did you happen to tell her boss that?

    I have a standing rule, if I am as impressed with someone as I am peaved by poor quality, I always mention it or tip 'em well or sometimes both. I never minded bitching about preformance, I should feel equally as comfortable praising them.

    Atta-boys vs. Oh Shits! Never balance out!
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  4. I sent an email to Masterbuilt's customer service dept. telling them of my appreciation for Tiffany. I also included a link to this post on SMF. I figured free marketing for them too (someone on SMF may read it and buy one of their products because of it).
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    I praised MB customer service here yesterday so your post is very timely indeed!
  6. Very few customers complain about there after sale service. Some are not happy that the warrantee is only 6 months. That is the time limit when it is bought so why cry about it later.  Often they will still replace parts that could be defective. In my case they replaced the controller and then when it stopped working at 1 year they sent me a new unit at no cost.

    As others have said the unhappy cry louder than the happy. That is just human nature. I wish all warranty's were serviced as good as the MB.

    Just my thoughts   Jted
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    It always irks me when electrical/electronic units have such short warranties. What this tells me is even Masterbuilt agrees many of their electric smokers may start having problems after the 1st 90 days and they're trying to avoid all those repair/replacement costs. But MB is no different from many other manufacturers these days. They'd rather go cheap on production costs and protect themselves with a short warranty than build a better product and back it with a warranty effective over a longer period of time.

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