Masterbuilt element intermittent

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by wwarden5091, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. My smoker stops heating after about 1 hour of use consistantly. Voltage to element is 120, red heating light is on but no heat. Element resistance is about 17 ohms. Already changed small round flat thermostat. Connections to element are perfect. Has anyone had trouble with a heating element that dies after it heats up?  P.S. My football wings are going to suck now that i had to resort to a regular oven!

    Problem solved. The new thermal cutoff they sent me had the correct p/n but was for 185 degrees instead of 305 degrees.  Reordered correct part. It was rated for 185 degrees but was actually disabling my heat element consistantly at 198 degrees.
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  2. Did some more checks, checked for a possible short from terminals of element to outer shell of element and no shorts indicated. Put the heating element in 210 degree boiling water for a while just for grins and resistance remained at 17 ohms.

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